JC Gibbs doo, where are you?

I was supposed to write a post on my first visit to a Farm Sanctuary, about a hiking trip with a few friends (we got to see a snake yes! and I didn’t scream even once!), I went to Panama (summer) I did many things I was supposed to blog about.

I got a new job, I’m the new Marketing Manager for a Flooring/Design Build company, and I’m still blogging and tweeting for my favorite restaurant.

Today one of the worst storms in a long time is supposed to arrive, Sandy or Frankenstorm I don’t even know how people call it at this moment but that’s what’s happening right now, I may lose power in any minute and of course THAT’S when I decide to blog.

I have all these unpublished drafts and I wonder why, WHY am I not posting my articles on this blog or the other one, and then I realized after a good and refreshing glass of wine what the issues are:

1.  On the food blog, I’m hesitating to blog because I’m a new vegan and everytime I post a recipe or an article on certain event I feel there has to be some sort of activism behind it, since I’m vegan right? So I feel the expectation is so high I better do a good job, in the end I’m representing a minority good mix (woman, hispanic, vegan), I know it makes no sense.  So all of these ideas are in my head and I also think, some may call me hypocrite, 12 months ago I was cooking veal and no more than 4 months ago I became vegan, 10 months ago, vegetarian.

2.  My writing skills, I’m always afraid what I’m saying isn’t right, I’m afraid I’ll be like one of those writers I dislike because they have so many mistakes on their writing that I lose interest on what they’re saying. I think really hard about all my spelling mistakes, punctuation and non impressive vocabulary.

Funny thing is I know that in order to achieve success one needs to keep practicing and persisting, so here I am, having still the same glass of wine, with a meyer lemon marmalade on a toast and a few cornichons & olives, and I’ll finish and publish this post even if it isn’t impressive,even if it isn’t a top 10 things about anything, BUT I’m sharing something I want people to read and I’ve used the spell checker (winning yes!), and that is how I get back on my feet with blogging.

Sandy is still knocking on the window so I better finish this post, but I still have power so life is good and so is the wine.


Wine and Snacks during sandy




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