Little People – John Frusciante – Dubstep & Noise

These videos/songs I’ve watched over 20 times this year (a modest number).  I’m sure none of them are new songs, I’m rarely up to date when it comes music so whatever ends up in my playlist is because either someone shared the song with me or Pandora suggested it based on my stations, yes I am that exciting.

Murderers by John Frusciante
I remember the day my husband shared that song with me, I honestly thought it was a bit strange and not my thing, but just like sushi after trying it 3 times, I was hooked! So pretty much I listened to it tons of times afterwards and I still do.  Many say it’s a bit depressive but it doesn’t have that effect on me, quite a cool tune.

Moon by Little People
I was listening the The Glitch Mob station and Pandora randomly sent this song by Little People and its beauty captivated me, I play and replay and replay.  It’s totally chill music, but I could also dance to it.  Hoping someone does a 10 hour version of it.

Noise, oh boy, I didn’t even know there was a name for this music genre until a good friend shared it with me.  I should have known though that if Hellraiser, and creepy movies like Battle Royale (cough, cough better than The Hunger Games) would sound like something, it would certainly be like *Noise*. Example:  MERZBOW

*Battle Royale* “A cross between Lord of the Flies and A Clockwork Orange”
The Guardian

There are way too many Dubstep songs I’ve enjoyed this year.  I know everyone has a funny story about how they listened to their first Dubstep song and my first time wasn’t necessarily funny. I listened to a Dubstep song for the first time in a party, but not just any kind of party, a SECOND LIFE party ha! (ok it is funny 😛

I will be writing a post about Second Life, I love to play there and since I started my new job I haven’t been able to.  I also need a new powerful computer to be able to play in it.  Also, bummer! my PS3 is dead as well, I can’t call myself a gamer anymore.  *Sniffs*

Please do share videos, songs and/or games on the comments, I love trying new things!


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