My Little Sister and I

My littler sister is so cool because… Even if I’d wear this….

She’d do this…



Our reaction whenever my mom makes mamallena (bread pudding). 

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Things we would do during Summer vacation.

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My sister’s response to: Whenever I talk about Nietzsche.

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Things my sister heard from me while growing up.

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I don’t remember this happening but I hope it never did (too messy to clean haha)

Image Credit: Deviantart Heeiiakii


One of many movies we watched with  my mom.


This happens whenever we talk about Cherries vs Strawberries and Pancakes vs Waffles
(not really physical but our arguments uff…)

lindsay lohan catfight

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Things we heard and still hear from our mom.

Image Credit: The Frisky


When we can’t find clothes we love for our size.

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This is how we look together in my mind and will always do.

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Happy Birthday Lil Sis



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