Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary (love overload)

Me sort of petting a cow for 2 seconds!

This was supposed to be published over two months now, but never later than never right? 🙂

This was my very first visit to an Animal Sanctuary, I’ve been to so many farms with animals well taken care of, but this was the first time I visit a place with rescued animals, animals that otherwise would have ended up slaughtered, sick and dead.  I really respect what the folks at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary have been doing for 15 years, also much respect to those who support them with donations and to those who volunteer with their time to go and clean after the animals and spend time with them.

I’ve never been an *animal lover* per se, but the more I learn about pigs the more I like them.  I did try to hug one at the Sanctuary and he gave me the *back-off-stranger* look so I just rubbed his belly for a second and kept on walking.

Pigs in Heaven

I think by now I could describe the personality of each one of those animals I got to interact with.  The Gander (male goose), he was waiting for all of the visitors at the parking lot, he didn’t want attention, he was just there waiting for us to get our things together and then we started walking towards the picnic area, he kept walking next to us, you know as a *guide*.

Terry Cummings and her husband Dave Hoerauf told us the story of the rooster they were holding in that moment *Harrison* and how he was found as a tiny chick, tied inside a plastic bag along with other chicks, he is one of the survivors who has grown into an adult rooster.

Popular Rooster *Harrison*

Every single animal has a heart breaking story and though we could all weep and sigh over each story the truth is that we should celebrate they are standing, and they are loved.

That day I hugged a goat, gave animal crackers to a sheep, tried to hug a pig, got scared by a cow and scared a bunny.  The chickens and turkey were so hyper I couldn’t stop laughing at their behavior, living in their own world, only paying attention to me whenever I offered a grape.

I encourage animals lovers to donate, visit and/or volunteer at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary.  What Terry and Dave are doing is amazing and takes lots of sacrifice and we can only support this great cause.  The animals they all deserve it.

I thank Compassion for Animals for organizing this Guided Tour, it was a wonderful day that will stay in my mind for a long time.


These volunteers give so much love to the animals at the Sanctuary!

Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary
15200 Mt. Nebo Rd.
Poolesville, Maryland 20837

More Cute Pics!

Happy Turkey, (they love grapes!)


Terry holding the Gander (male goose)


I love, LOVE Sheep!


Everyone had a lovely time, I can’t wait to visit again!


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