Sony Walkman W – Klout Perk

So far this is my favorite Klout Perk, I like it so much I decided to write a post about it when I normally just share my thoughts on Instagram or Twitter.

I usually use my Droid phone to listen to music while sprinting/fast walking, and while I play tennis.  The challenge of using my phone while I try to go faster is with the earphone wires, 1 out of 5 times I’ve got mixed my fingers with the earphones resulting in my phone falling on the floor. When I play tennis, I place my phone next to the net so no issues unless the ball hits it (yes it has happened).

Considering that I’m new to working out (over three months going to the gym, getting better about it and trying to eat healthier) I was surprised to be one of the 5,000 chosen influencers that’s why I really appreciate this perk.  I’ve been looking for all sorts of motivation for getting healthier and in better shape.

My thoughts on the Sony Walkman W:

–  Easy to charge and add music. (good sound)
–  Cord-Free
–  Several types of earbuds and they stay in my ears!
–  You can wear comfortably at the same time when wearing glasses (husband tested it)
–  After the second time of trying them I got used to the buttons
-I was able to add music from my regular PC and from my Mac computer

– I wish the wire was a bit lighter, I’m afraid that after 45 mins, I might start having heavy ears, but I haven’t tried it for more than 30 minutes yet, so I have to verify this, or maybe I just need to get used to it.
–  The charging port opening seems rough to open so sometimes I’m afraid of breaking it, so far it’s good.

Would I buy it? I think yes, I was thinking about getting an iPod Shuffle for workouts,but no need now that I got this Walkman, and it plays my two favorite types of workout music so well, yes Heavy Metal and Dubstep. Don’t judge me!

I wonder if they could make them night-glowing, give me a few other sci-fi touches and I’ll go all Tron on sports ha!

PS. As a Food Blogger that loves to review delicious goodies, it feels great to receive something related to fitness to write about.  I’m thinking in buying a pedometer if you have any suggestions, by all means let me know!


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