To Follow or not To Follow – TweetDilemma


As I get closer to get 1000 followers I’m paying more attention to what I tweet, who I tag in the tweet, what hashtags I use, and trust me it could drive you nuts!  Sometimes you think a tweet for a few minutes and post it and then you see your followers list decrease by a number and then rethink the tweet.  You may not spend much time thinking about this yet the energy your mind uses for those minutes can be a killer.

When friends ask me “JC how do you get more people to follow you?” Or they say in frustration “I just don’t know what to say, or who to talk to”

Folks, not everyone needs a Twitter account,yet yes everyone could benefit from it, I’ve got friends whose accounts follow tons of people yet they got few followers, but they don’t care, the reason why they have a Twitter in the first place is to use it as a RSS feed, they get their news, they can read what their favorite writers, artists, musicians, ex-lovers, relatives, anyone they care to know what’s thinking, they follow and read and guess what? There is nothing wrong with enjoying that, and of course in the moment you feel you have something to say for crying out loud just do it!

There is nothing wrong if someone decides not to follow you, let’s face it, why would you care to have 500 followers overnight that won’t care about what you have to say, won’t engage in conversation with you and won’t share your thoughts, and of course I have to be honest I would rather have a big follower list than a small one, but trust me working hard to get quality over quantity makes the whole difference, you even get to enjoy your time while working/tweeting… Now that makes me happy.

I know I will always think my tweets and there is nothing wrong with that either because Twitter is part of my job so just as if I was in a press conference I’m sure I would think twice before making a statement so please when tweeting do not drink, do not vent and do not tweet something you might regret afterwards, unless of course you don’t mind the consequences 🙂


P.S. My friend Leo is one of my favorite illustrators, these characters are part of his sketches, please check out his work and Follow him! 



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