Café Viernes: Water As Medicine

water heals mind

I started a motivational Fridays series called Café Fridays and last week’s was about being happy, so, today I woke up super thirsty, and the first thing I thought about was ‘water’, so here we go!

I can’t tell you enough how wonderful nature’s element ‘WATER’ is in my life.  Not only it makes my body feel better before or after a meal, before or after going out for a walk, but also refreshes my mind every time I had a cool sip as soon as I wake up in the morning.

Once I turned 30 my body started getting not so well along with water at nights, I can only have enough to moisten my lips, tongue and throat, but if I have more than a glass, regardless of the time I go to sleep, I’ll probably be up before 5am.

This is the thing, being thirsty is a very annoying and hurtful feeling, it breaks my heart me to hear of the many places in the world that struggle to get clean water, and also the many places and people, (I include myself), that sometimes take it for granted.

Today when you drink water, when you bathe with it, or clean something with it, feel it, let it run between your fingers, splash a little in your face, and think how wonderful it is to be alive and to have access to such amazing resource, let it heal your brain and soul by being mindful and appreciating how lucky you are of having water everyday of your life.


water heals


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