Cannon Beach: Pics & Words

In The Middle - Cannon Beach, OR

My first weekend around Portland, OR felt great and the sunny weather really kept the mood going for the rest of Sunday.  We decided to have a picnic around Cannon Beach and it was beautiful.

It was cold enough to keep my hoodie on and warm enough that I didn’t need to use my gloves. It was pretty windy and by the time the beach was getting crowded, I was ready to leave.  That’s the way I like to spend my day at the beach.

I was lucky to showcase some of these photographs at an Art Festival in Panama (Festival San Francisco de la Montaña, Veraguas).  Once my sister has a post ready on the photo exhibition, I’ll make an update with the link.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon Beach, OR 2

Oh and while thinking about the beach, and while shooting the images, I had some words in mind, some garabato that follows:

A morning at the beach

“How does the water look?”  “Is it very cold?”
I can’t speak of the water, but I can speak about the eyes
The eyes filled with happiness,
The eyes shining with curiosity,
The eyes wondering, disconnected,
The eyes seeking adventure,
The eyes protecting other eyes,
And the eyes that I love,
Don’t ask me about the water
Ask me about the eyes that wander everywhere
The eyes that in time will eventually fade away.

Angelita - cannon beach

The Observer - Cannon Beach, OR

Cannon Beach, OR PICNIC


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