My First Awesome Con 2013

Make Up Set!

This was my first Awesome Con, and I was thinking for so long about all the characters I would have loved to go as a Cosplayer, but then my excuses and poor savings account didn’t allow to fulfill that, however I’m sure the next year I shall do it!  So you have an idea of the characters I’ve thought of dressing like are the following: female Cenobite, Tank Girl, Claes (Gunslinger Girls) and Mafalda.

Since a little girl I’ve always loved cartoons and comic strips in general, I can remember the first ones being probably Peanuts, Mafalda, Marmaduke, Archie, Love Is… and Garfield.   I wish my memory was better so I could mention all my other favorites that I would read from the newspaper, totally ignoring the horoscope and crossword puzzles and going straight to the strips.  On good days I would color them since most of them would be in black and white.

I was afraid I would be the oldest person at the Awesome Con and to my surprise I met folks of all ages and cultural backgrounds.  The majority of the cosplayers were really friendly and as I was telling a friend of mine, I wish people could dress up like that daily, wearing colored contact lenses, have super hero powers and going towards the same goal of trying to save the world, unless of course you are Darth Vader.

My Partner In Crime yet again!

It was interesting that my first Comic Con even happened to be the first one in DC as well, so that made it even more exciting!  I didn’t have a costume but I thought of the things I like to do that wouldn’t usually look normal or trendy to people, like painting my upper lip green, different nail polish colors and over the top dark eye makeup.

I should have published this post a few weeks ago but I’ve lost myself reading three comic books series in three weeks, I could have done it in a shorter time but I still have to shower, work, talk to the husband and eat sometimes so it takes me around 1 week to finish a series.

I’ll write about the Luna Brothers on my next post!

Awesome Con 2013, now I want even more!

Awesome Cosplayer




  1. Christopher wrote:

    I was there with my little brother and it was great!!!! I missed he Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate, but I attended the Pro-Wrestling Panel!!!! I have blogged about this too at!!!!

  2. Jcgibbs wrote:

    Thanks for sharing your Blog! Oh man now I miss watching wrestling, but since I don’t have cable all I can get are a few glimpses before Criminal Minds on Wednesday nights!

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